Jangfeldt, Jelena: "Returning Home"

        Arsenii Tarkovskij
        Joseph Brodsky
        Alexander Blok
        Osip Mandelsam
        Boris Pasternak
        Maria Petrovykh
        Mikhail Lermontov
        Vladimir Sokolov
        Alexander Ivardovskij
        Nikolai Rubtsov
        Nikolai Oleinikov
        Guillaume Apollinaire
jelena         Performer:
        Jelena Jangfeldt

CDA 1650-2 Jelena Jangfeldt, Russian Songs "Returning home"

This remarkable lady, nowadays living in Sweden has set to music several famous russian poets among them Joseph Brodsky. This is a different record to anything else -she is very poetic,very slow, very moving.Music is unique, very difficult to label. She sings the songs herself. Do you like Russian sentimentalism, you will love this one!

  • Tarkovskij, Arsenii Another Summer Has Passed

  • Brodsky, Joseph The Centenary Of Anna Akhmatova, Returning Home

  • Blok, Alexander Akhmatova, Anna Frightful Is Beauty

  • Mandelsam, Osip I'm Equal With Others

  • Pasternak, Boris Eva

  • Petrovykh, Maria Tell Me How To Live

  • Lermontov, Mikhail The Testament

  • Sokolov, Vladimir The Railway Coach

  • trad Lili Marlene

  • Ivardovskij, Alexander The Ferryman

  • Rubtsov, Nikolai An Alcoholic's Elegy

  • trad Who Can Row Without Oars?

  • Oleinikov, Nikolai Life Is Frightful On This Earth...

  • Apollinaire, Guillaume The Gypsy, Pont Mirabeau

  • trad I Leave Everything Behind

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