Carl Petersson, piano: Godowsky - Phonoramas - Java Suite

        Leopold Godowsky
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        Carl Petersson

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CDA 1671-2 Carl Petersson, piano: Leopold Godowsky: Phonoramas - Java Suite

For the genesis of Java Suite we have to go back to 1920. Godowsky was 50, at the height of his fame as a pianiast and a composer, and about to enter the most hectic decade of his life. He had recently made New York his base, he was married with four children and his hands were insured for one million dollars. The Nerw York Times has dubbed him 'a pianist for pianists' as Shelly is 'a poet for poets'. After a two year tour to exotic places such as Mexico, Japan, Hong Hong, Shanghai, Singapore and Java he started composing the first of his Phonoramas and naming them Java Suite.
  • Leopold Godowsky (1870-1938)

  • Phonoramas I
    - Gamelan
    - Wayang-Purwa - Puppet Shadow plays
    - Hari Besaar - The great day
  • Phonoramas II
    - Chattering Monkeys at the Sacred Lake of Wendit
    - Boro Budur in Moonlight

    - The Bromo Volcoano and the sand sea at daybreak
  • Phonoramas III
    - Three dances I - Moderato
    - Three dances II - L'istesso tempo
    - Three dances III - Doppio movimento
    - The garden of Bultenzorg
    - In the streets of old Batavia

  • Phonoramas IV
    - In the Kraton
    - The Ruined water castle at Djojka
    - A Court Pageant in Solo

  • Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921)

    - Dance Macabre (arr. Liszt / Horowitz)

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