Organ Music by Bach and Reger

        Johann Sebastian Bach
        Max Reger
Bach / RegerEAN: 7393338168720                     Performer:
        Erik Boström

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CDA 1687-2 Organ Music by Bach and Reger

Bach and Reger, two German composer giants who have created congenial music for the organ. But why this combination on this Cd?

Another reason for performing these works on the organ in Oscar Church is that the organ,when it was build in 1949 was such an excellent instrument - recognized internationally. It gives such possibilies of creating a scale of sonority, that feels right both for Bach' and Reger's organ music, measures by todays ears.
  • Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750)
    Toccata and fugue, D minor, BWV 565

    Schmücke dich, o liebe Seele, BWV 654
    Pièce d'Orgue (Fantasia), G major, BWV 572

  • Max Reger (1873 - 1916)
    Fantasia on the choral 'Wie schön leucht' uns der Morgenstern' Op.49 no.1
    Three Choral preludes, Op.67
    - Christus, der ist main Leben
    - Dir, dir Jehova, will ich singen!
    - Seelenbräutigham
    Zwölf Stücke für die Orgel - Benedictus, Op.59
    Fantasy and Fugue on the name B-A-C-H Op.46
    - Fantasy
    - Fugue

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