Solveig Wikman: Fanny Hensel

        Fanny Hensel
Solveig Wikman, pianoEAN: 7393338169925                     Performer:
        Solveig Wikman

CDA 1699-2 Solveig Wikman: Fanny Hensel

Fanny was Felix Mendelssohns sister. The two used to compare each other´s pieces and Felix did
indeed give Fanny some encouragements. But she was never allowed to study music like her brother.
Despite this she developed a remarkable talent for piano music especially after her extensive
Italian travel which is the source of much inspiration in some of these pieces.

  • Fanny Hensel (1805-1847)
    Zwölf Clavierstücke von Fanny Hensel geb. Mendelssohn Bartholdy. Für Felix
    - Allegro assai A flet major Op.4:I
    - Allegro con brio F major
    - Allegro molto vivace ma con sentimento E flat major
    - Allegro vivace B major Op.6:II

    - Villa Mills, Allegretto grazioso E major Op.2:III
    - Serenata (Gondelfahrt) G minor
    - Villa Medicis, Allegro maestoso A flat major
    - Il saltarello romano (Tarantella) A minor Op.6:IV
    - Allegro molto quasi Presto E major Op.4:III

    - Adagio E glat major
    - Allegro molto G major

    - Allegro molto vivace A flat major

    Vier römische Klavierstücke
    - Allegro moderato A flat major
    - Introduction and Capriccio B minor

    - Largo und Allegro con fuoco G minor
    - Ponte molle (Abschied von Rom) A minor

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