Rangström, Ture: Dithyramb (& Tor Aulin: Mäster Olof Suite)

        Ture Rangström
        Tor Aulin
1011EAN: 7393338101123                     Performer:
        Örebro SO
        Göran W. Nilson

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CDS 1011-2 Strindberg in Music. Tor Aulin (1866-1914): Mäster Olof Suite. Ture Rangström (1884-1947): Dithyramb. Örebro Symphony orchestra conducted by Göran W. Nilson.

Aulin should have written more for orchestra. He is intense and personal at the same time. The Mäster Olof music is here depicted as a drama, apart from the lovely second movement with its beautiful oboe idea. The music is very variable, as the drama. The storm is an exciting adventure, and the last movement in the suite a grotesque overblown march! The Rangström piece is everything you might expect from a stinging Strindberg drama. Music depicting white heat and suspense. The timpani has a field day.

    Tor Aulin (1866-1914)

  • Mäster Olof by Strindberg - Suite in 5 parts Op.22
    - Reformationen / The reformer
    - Husfrun och barnet / The Matron and the Child

    - I Storkyrkan / In the Cathedral
    - Margaretas död / Margaretas's death
    - Festen vid Norreport / Merry Making at Norreport

    Ture Rangström (1884-1947)

  • Dityramb, symphonic poem

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