Alfvén, Hugo: Orchestral Suites

        Hugo Alfvén
1012EAN: 7393338101222                     Performer:
        Helsingborg SO
        Hans-Peter Frank
        Norrköping SO
        Harry Damgaard

CDS 1012-2 Hugo Alfvén (1872-1960): En bygdesaga, Op. 53; Synnöve Solbakken, Op. 50. Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra conducted by Hans-Peter Frank (Op. 53); Norrköping Symphony Orchestra conducted by Harry Damgaard (Op. 50).

If you would like to imagine a Swedish summer morning in full bloom then listen to track 7 on this CD. There is a difference between the two suites here. Both were film music turned into Symphonic suites. Forget about the actions on the films. These works live completely their own lives. The Bygdesaga music is more stormy, the Mans Kvinna (mans women) is more inwards looking, more brooding, but with many lovely very Swedish folk music ideas (try track 8). All very Alfvénish!!

"Despite its unexpansive size, there is a bigness about the Second that is one of its most remarkable features. As in the Concert Piece, the solo writing is masterly and, unlike many concertos written by violinist-composers, does not sacrifice substance for display." - MusicWeb

    Hugo Alfven (1872-1960)
  • En bygdesaga Op.53
    - Introduction
    - Drömmeri
    - Brottslig kärlek - Ångst
    - Svartsjuka - Pastoral
    - Sorgetåget
    - Vargaskall

  • Synnöve Solbakken, Op.50
    - Söndagsmorgon i skogen

    - Hjärtesorg
    - Längtan
    - I Solbakken

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