Andrée, Elfrida: Symphony in A minor, Fritiof Suite

        Elfrida Andrée
1016EAN: 7393338101628                     Performer:
        Stockholm SO
        Gustaf Sjökvist

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CDS 1016-2 Elfrida Andrée (1841-1929): Symphony in A minor; Fritiof Suite. Stockholm Symphony Orchestra conducted by Gustaf Sjökvist.

The Fritiof-suite is a result of a concoction of an opera meant to inaugurate the new Stockholm opera house in the 1890ties. But, alas, nothing came out of the performance and the composer in order to make the music well known made an orchestral suite of the music. Indeed the composer had to struggle to make herself known during her life time. Not at all because she was a women, she did have to struggle to get recognition as a women playing the organ, but she had to struggle as a composer the same way as any other romantic composer shamelessly forgotten. And the suite, and the symphony bears witness that she was indeed a Reinecke pupil. Much Reinecke around, for example in the first movement in the Fritiof and in the big long brass theme in the last movement of the symphony. Much writing for solo violin and orchestra in the Fritiof.

    Elfrida Andrée (1841-1929)

  • Fritiof Suite
    - Prelude

    - Ingeborg's Lament
    - Ring's Ode
    - Fritiof's Infatuation
    - Fritiof's sea Journey

  • Symphony No.2 in A minor
    - Moderato

    - Andante
    - Presto

    - Allegro risoluto

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