Hallén, Andreas: Ett Juloratorium (A Christmas Oratorio)

        Andreas Hallén

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1028EAN: 7393338102823                     Performer:
        Lena Hoel
        Mathias Zachariassen
        Swedish Radio SO
        B. Tommy Andersson

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CDS 1028-2 Andreas Hallén (1846-1925), Ett Juloratorium (A Christmas Oratorio). Lena Hoel, soprano; Mathias Zachariassen, tenor; Swedish Radio Choir and Symphony Orchestra conducted by B. Tommy Andersson.

It is impossible to recognise the grumbling old man Hallén in this music. Contemporaries thought of him as impossible. But the truth is probably that he was uncompromising in his musical ideals. This is a truly stunning Christmas Oratorio for everybody fed up with the usual Christmas music. Of course never recorded before!

I recommend that all folk who enjoy choral music try out this piece. It is, as we say in the North Country, 'a right good sing'. I played this work to a few friends, who are big Wagnerians. They thoroughly enjoyed it. If this work were a long lost, but recently discovered, essay by Wagner, it would soon become well known. It would certainly form part of his canon. - MusicWeb

    Andreas Hallén (1846-1925)
  • Ett Juloratorium (A Christmas Oratorio)
    - Första afdelningen
    Jubla och fröjda dig, mänsklighet!...

    Skålden tillbaka mot seklernas början...
    Röster stiga ur ödemarken...

    Bröder, sörja ej...

    - Andra afdelningen
    Ej hvilade han i purpur...
    Hvem vandrar genom öknens sand?...
    Du mänskoson, du stärka låga...

    Jubla och gläd dig, du mänsklighet..

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