Rubenson, Albert: Symphony in C minor and other works

        Albert Rubenson

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CDS1029EAN: 7393338102922                     Performer:
        Umeå SO
        Roy Goodman

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CDS 1029-2 Albert Rubenson (1826-1901): Drapa; Symphony in C minor; Symphonic Intermezzo; Trois Pièces Symphoniques. Umeå Symphony Orchestra conducted by Roy Goodman.

Rubenson: what a character! Starting off as a composer with fresh ideas, returning from Germany in the mid 1850s, he ended up as a strongly conservative professor at the Stockholm Musical Academy. What a sad fate, with many promises unfulfilled! Goodman regards the composer as a very interested figure in Swedish musical history - with many gifted ideas - linked to Schumann.
"Attractive and unassuming music with a smile and a wink. Recommended" - MusicWeb

    Albert Rubenson (1826-1901)

  • Drapa

  • Symphony in C major
    - Allegro Moderato
    - Allegretto moderato
    - Andante
    - Allegro con fuoco ma non troppo

  • Symphonic intermezzo G minor
    - Allegro Moderato
    - Andante
    - Allegro non troppo

  • Trois Pieces symphoniques
    - Allegretto quasi Allegro
    - Vivace
    - Allegro ma non troppo

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