Atterberg, Kurt: Piano Concerto; Violin Concerto

        Kurt Atterberg

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atterbergEAN: 7393338103424                     Performer:
        Christian Bergqvist
        Dan Frank Smith
        Gävle Symphony Orchestra
        B. Tommy Andersson

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CDS 1034-2 Kurt Atterberg (1887-1974): Piano Concerto in B flat minor, Op. 37; Violin Concerto in E minor, Op. 7. Dan Franklin Smith, piano; Christian Bergqvist, violin. Gävle Symphony Orchestra conducted by B. Tommy Anderson.

Neither of these concertos has been recorded before. They are written in romantic style (what do you think??). The second movement of the Piano Concerto track 2, 6:51-7:46 should make this concerto just as wellknown as the Grieg or Schumann concertos.

"Production values in Sterling discs are always high. Note the number of days given over to the recording sessions for these works. This is a major cultural achievement for all concerned and tribute should be paid to the enlightened policy of the Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs." - MusicWeb

    Kurt Atterberg (1887-1974)

  • Piano Concerto Op.37 B flat minor
    - Pesante allegro

    - Andante

    - Furioso

  • Violin Concerto Op.7 E minor
    - Moderato
    - Adagio cantabile

    - Allegro molto

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