Wetz, Richard (1875 - 1935)

        Richard Wetz

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cds-1041EAN: 7393338104124                     Performer:
        Berlin Symphony Orchestra
        Erich Peter

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CDS 1041-2 Richard Wetz (1875 - 1935): Symphony No.3 in B flat major Op.48 Berlin Symphony Orchestra conducted by Erich Peter.

An obstinate and headstrong composer who, despite the relatively later period at which he lived, insisted on remaining true to the Romantic idiom that he developed to perfection. Bruckner is never far away in this ardent, dramatic music.

    Richard Wetz (1875 - 1935)
  • Symphony No.3 Op.48 B flat major
    - Langsam - Kräftig, bewegt

    - Sehr langsam, mit klagendem Ausdruck
    - Scheszo, nicht zu schnell und mit Humor
    - Finale, Bewegt

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