Hallström, Ivar: Ballet Music

        Ivar Hallström
largeImageEAN: 7393338104322                     Performer:
        Malmö Opera Orchestra
        Michael Bartosch

CDS 1043-2 Ivar Hallström (1826-1901): Ett äfventyr i Skottland (An Adventure in Scotland), ballet in two acts; En dröm (A Dream), ballet in one act. Malmö Opera Orchestra conducted by Michael Bartosch.

Here are newly discovered romantic ballets by the leading opera composer in the Stockholm opera house of the day Ivar Hallström. Also Conrad Nordqvist who was conductor in the opera has cooperated. Very charming pieces with a Scottish lilt in the first ballet -and a truly dreamy, romantic atmosphere in the Second.

"There's no point in exaggerating this music's significance in the history of ballet in general (as opposed to merely in Sweden), but it's easy on the ear, atmospheric, and well made. Both works receive first-rate performances by the Malmö Opera Orchestra, and they're very well recorded too. A delightful find." - ClassicsToday.com

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