Huber, Hans: Symphonies 4, "Academic" & 8

        Hans Huber

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CDS1047EAN: 7393338104728                     Performer:
        Stuttgarter Philharmoniker
        Jörg-Peter Weigle

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CDS 1047-2 Hans Huber (1852-1921): Symphony No. 4 in A major, "Academic"; Symphony No. 8 in F major. Stuttgarter Philharmoniker conducted by Jörg-Peter Weigle.

The last of our Huber series. Symphony 4 more serene and inward-looking than the other symphonies. Saint-Saëns seems to be a main source of inspiration. Symphony 8 again vivid and personal -but mainly idyllic as most of the Huber symphonies. One of the great storytellers among composers!

"Indeed, right from the impressively cohesive first movement, the work is full of buoyant, life-affirming energy (Huber said he was constantly thinking "spring thoughts" while composing it) that Huber expresses through gorgeous tunes, fetching rhythms, and colorful orchestration. Given these three qualities, it's not surprising that Dvorák comes to mind more than once during the course of this highly enjoyable work." - about the 4th Symphony

    Hans Huber (1852-1921)
  • Symphony No.8 F major
    - Allegro moderato
    - Allegretto scherzando
    - Adagio, ma non troppo
    - Finale: Allegro vivace, ma non troppo

  • Symphony No.4 A major 'Akademische'
    - Preæludium und Fugue

    - Cavatina
    - Humoreske
    - Finale (Variationen)

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