Aulin, Tor: Violin Concerto No. 1 & 2 and other pieces

        Tor Aulin

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aulinEAN: 7393338105022                     Performer:
        Niklas Willén
        Gävle SO
        Tobias Ringborg

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CDS 1050-2 Tor Aulin (1866-1914): Concert Piece in G minor for violin and orchestra ('Violin Concerto No. 1', 1891); Violin Concerto No. 2 (1893); Gotlandish Dances (1910); Swedish Dances (1913). Tobias Ringborg, violin; Gävle Symphony Orchestra conducted by Niklas Willén.

Violin concertos 1 and 2 + orchestral dances. Very Mendelsohnian concertos, orginal and very personally instrumented dances based on Swedish folk tunes.

"Despite its unexpansive size, there is a bigness about the Second that is one of its most remarkable features. As in the Concert Piece, the solo writing is masterly and, unlike many concertos written by violinist-composers, does not sacrifice substance for display." - MusicWeb

    Tor Aulin (1866-1914)

  • Konsertstycke Op.7
    - Moderato

    - Cadenza - A tempo

  • Violinkonsert no.2 A minor
    - Moderato
    - Andante sostenuto
    - Allegro vivace

  • Gotländska danser Op.28
    - Allegro moderato
    - Andante malinconico
    - Moderato maestoso

  • Svenska danser Op.32
    - Moderato marcato

    - Quasi moderato
    - Poco andante
    - Molto vivace

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