Suter, Hermann: Symphony in D minor (& Hans Jelmoli: Three Pieces for Orchestra)

        Hermann Suter
        Hans Jelmoli

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        Moscow Symphony Orchestra

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CDS 1052-2 Hermann Suter (1870-1926): Symphony in D minor, Op. 17; Hans Jelmoli ((1877-1936): Three Pieces for Orchestra from the lyrical comedy "Sein Vermächtnis". Moscow Symphony Orchestra conducted by Adriano

Another Swiss romantic! Herman Suter was the pupil and follower of Hans Huber. Mahler was very much the source of inspiration for Suter in the symphony. A drastic and colourful scherzo is followed by an intensely lyrical third movement! Jelmolis charming short pieces completes the disc.

    Hermann Suter (1870-1926)

  • Symphonie D minor Op.17
    - Nebuloso, piuttosto
    - Capriccio militaresco, alla marcia
    - Adagio molto

    - Sostenuto - Vivace

    Hans Jelmoli (1877-1936)
  • Drei Stück für Orchestra 'Sein Vermächtnis'
    - Prelude
    - Intermede lyrique

    - Reigen

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