Klughardt, August: Aus der Wanderschaft and other works

        August Klughardt

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CDS1054EAN: 7393338105428                     Performer:
        NDR Radioph.
        Willy Steiner
        Rolf-Julius Koch
        WDR Rundf. Köln
        Curt Cremer
        Horst Beckedorf
        Hans Herbert Jöris

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CDS 1054-2 August Klughardt (1847-1902): Concert Overture; Suite "Aus der Wanderschaft"; Concert Piece for Oboe; Cello Concerto.NDR Radiophilharmonie conducted by Willy Steiner (Overture, Suite); Rolf-Julius Koch, oboe with the WDR Rundfunksorchester Köln conducted by Curt Cremer (Concert Piece); Horst Beckedorf, cello with the NDR Radiophilharmonie conducted by Hans Herbert Jöris (Concerto)..

Again and again it becomes difficult to understand that composers like August Klughardt can become forgotten! Here are radio performances, among them the Bruch-like Cello Concertino and a charming suite depicting a wanderer in the forest, with bugle calls, bird songs and a stamping walz! The suite ends in a dreamy and vanishing mood. A true romantic, with a keen sense for orchestral detail!

They're well-played, lively, and respectful of the music. The soloists in the two concertante works clearly enjoy themselves, and given such effective writing it's no wonder. Klughardt was one of those composers who wrote in a way that makes the musicians sound good, and it's easy to see why they would respond in kind. - ClassicsToday.com

    August Klughardt (1847-1902)
  • Konzert-Overtüre G major Op.45

  • Konzertstück für oboe und Orkester Op.18

  • Konzert für violincello A minor, Op.59

  • Auf der Wanderschaft Op.67
    - Fröhliche Gesellen
    - Waldbäcklein
    - An der Klause
    - Der Jäger

    - Beim Tanz

    - Gute Nacht

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