Brun, Fritz: Symphony No. 3

        Fritz Brun

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        Moscow Symphony Orchestra

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CDS 1059-2 Fritz Brun (1878-1959): Symphony No 3 in D minor. Moscow Symphony Orchestra conducted by Adriano.

At last a CD only devoted to this remarkable and highly original composer. He may have started as a romantic but he became very much more daring after the two first symphonies. Indeed, we are entering a most complex and monumental structure with references also to folklore.

    Fritz Brun (1878-1959)

  • Symphony No 3 in D minor
    - Allegro molto moderato, ma agitato

    - Variationen über ein altes tessinisches Drei-Königslied.
      > Thema. Tranquillo

      > Variation 1. Andante sostenuto
      > Variation 2. Poco più mosso
      > Variation 3. Alla Marcia

      > Variation 4. Presto
      > Variation 5. Sostenuto
      > Variation 6. Adagio affettuoso
    - Allegro non troppo

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