Scharwenka, Xaver: Symphony in C minor and other works

        Xaver Scharwenka

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CDS1060EAN: 7393338106029                     Performer:
        Gävle SO
        Christopher Fifield

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CDS 1060-2 Xaver Scharwenka (1850-1924): Symphony in C minor, Op. 60; Overture; Andante Religioso. Gävle Symphony Orchestra conducted by Christopher Fifield.

A master of melody, Scharwenka developed his skills mostly as a piano composer and virtuoso. But he was also a very typical late romantic orchestral composer and his symphony proves his excellent sense of pace and melody. The Andante should be a standard work for everybody longing for peace and stillness.

"All in all this Symphony is to be warmly welcomed: a work with sometimes resolute character, a slight Russian accent on occasions and the regal/pastoral tendencies of Dvorák's Fifth and Sixth Symphonies." - MusicWeb

    Xaver Scharwenka (1850-1924)

  • Overture for orchestra, ScharWV 123

  • Symphony in C minor, Op. 60, ScharWV 121
    - I. Andante - Allegro non troppo

    - II. Allegro molto quasi presto

    - III. Adagio
    - IV. Allegro molto quasi presto

  • Andante religioso, for orchestra (from Cello Sonata), Op. 46a, ScharWV 120

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