Crusell, Bernhard Henrik: Concertante for Clarinet, Horn and Bassoon and other works

        Bernhard Henrik Crusell
CDS1072EAN: 7393338107224                     Performer:
        Dan Larsson
        Erik Rapp
        Andreas From
        Staffan Mårtensson
        Östgöta Blåsarsymfoniker
        Olaf Boman

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CDS 1072-2 Bernhard Henrik Crusell (1775-1838): Concertante for Clarinet, Horn and Basson; Concert for two Clarinets (Krommer, arr.); Funeral March. Dan Larsson, Erik Rapp, Andreas From, Staffan Mårtensson; Östgöta Blåsarsymfoniker conducted by Olaf Boman

Here are some delicate concerts recording by the excellent Östgöta  Woodwind Ensemble.They have a long tradition of playing their local composer Bernhard Crusell - a stylish early romantic well-known also for his three clarinet concertos.

    Bernhard Henrik Crusell (1775-1838)

  • Concertante in B major Op.3
    - Allegro

    - Andante sostenuto
    - Allegro ma non tanto

  • Concerto for 2 clarinets
    - Allegro

    - Adagio
    - Rondo

  • Funeral March

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