Schnyder von Wartensee, Franz Xaver: Symphony No. 3, "Militärsinfonie'; Overture in C minor

        Franz von Wartensee
CDS1073         Performer:
        Würt. Ph. Reutlingen
        Christopher Fifield

CDS 1073-2 Franz Xaver Schnyder von Wartensee (1786-1868): Symphony No. 3, "Militärsinfonie"; Overture in C minor. Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen conducted by Christopher Fifield.

Schnyder von Wartensee was an early romantic, and a good friend of Beethoven. His music is typical early romantic - perhaps more like Haydn and Schubert than Beethoven.
Some rather weird twists in the symphony makes one believe that there was perhaps stronger stuff than milk in that "soup". Lovely, engaging performance typical of Fifield and the Württembergische Philharmonie..

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