Dukas, Paul: Symphony in C major; Goetz de Berlichingen; Le Roi Lear

        Paul Dukas

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CDS1074EAN: 7393338107422                     Performer:
        Würt. Ph. Reutlingen
        Fabrice Bollon

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CDS 1074-2 Paul Dukas (1865-1935): Symphony in C major; Goetz de Berlichingen, overture; Le Roi Lear, overture. Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen conducted by Fabrice Bollon.

Paul Dukas' oeuvre as a composer has always been very small, due to his (overly?) self-critical approach. The Symphony in C major was a piece the composer cherished nonetheless. Here it is augmented by two great overtures he wrote in his student days, both modeled on examples from famous literature, by Goethe and Shakespeare. Both are world premiere recordings. This is a release that makes you regret that Dukas destroyed so many of his own works.

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