Franck, Richard: Orchestral Works

        Richard Franck

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CDS1078EAN: 7393338107828                     Performer:
        Fabian Wettstein
        Tim Ströble
        Würt. Ph. Reutlingen
        Christopher Fifield

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CDS 1078-2 Richard Franck (1858-1938): Orchestral Works. Symphonic Fantasy, Serenade for Violin & Orchestra, Suite for Orchestra, Serenade for cello, Liebesidyll 'Amor and Psyche', concert ouverture 'Wellen des Meeres und der Liebe'. Fabian Wettstein, Tim Ströble. Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen conducted by Christopher Fifield.

Prokofiev at one time described his classical symphony as written in the style as if Haydn would have survived into the 19th Century. If one could imagine Beethoven one hundred years adopting a fullblown romantic style -then you can imagine the music of Richard Franck. He was the son of another important composer: Eduard Franck (1817-1893). Richard's music is traditional in style, well-crafted and with memorable melodies. The Beethoven connection is very obvious in the first piece and very much in the Violin Serenade. The suite is a lighter piece blending lyrical ideas with a Hungarian tinge in the March. Liebesidylle and the Serenade and the cello piece are rather inward-looking pieces still very much in the great romantic style of Schumann and Mendelssohn.

    Richard Franck (1858-1938)

  • Symphonische Fantasie Op.31

  • Serenade für violine und Orchester Op.25

  • Suite für Orchester Op.30
    - Präludium

    - March
    - Reigen
    - Finale

  • Liebesidyll 'Amore und Psyche' Op.40

  • Serenade für violoncello und Orchester Op.24

  • Wellen des Meeres und der Liebe Op.21

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