Hermann, Robert, Symphonies 1 & 2

        Robert Hermann

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CDS1081EAN: 7393338108122                     Performer:
        Würt. Ph. Reutlingen
        Christopher Fifield

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CDS 1081-2 Robert Hermann (1869-1912): Symphonies Nos. 1 in C major (1895) and 2 in A minor (1905). Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen conducted by Christopher Fifield. 

Here is a completely individual Swiss romantic who also worked as a doctor. The music is on the verge of Romantic music. The first symphony is idyllic in character, while the second is much more dramatic with a beautifully crafted little scherzo. The first movement seems inspired of the Swiss cuckoo clock. This thematic idea runs through most of the symphony. Those who enjoy music by Butterworth and contemporary composers will enjoy this release.

    Robert Hermann (1869-1912)

  • Symphonies No. 1 in C major
    - Allegro moderato
    - Grave

    - Allegro

  • Symphonies No. 2 in A minor

    - Allegro
    - Andante
    - Allegretto
    - Allegro

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