Graener, Paul (1872 - 1944)

        Paul Graener

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GraenerEAN: 7393338109020                     Performer:
        Andreas Knoop
        Cornelia Grohmann
        Eric Solén
        PO Altenburg-Gera

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CDS 1090-2 Paul Graener: Wiener Sinfonie Op.110, Die Flöte von Sanssouci op.88, Turmwächterlied Op.107, Flötenkonzert Op.116. Philharmonisches Orchester Altenburg-Gera conduced by Eric Solén, Andreas Knoop, Cornelia Grohmann

All four works on this CD comes from Graener later period, which started around 1930 with the suite 'Die Flüte von Sancouci' This suite was to prove to be Graener most popular orchestral piece.
It is both remarkable and revealing - bearing in mind the background of the war in April 44, the bombing in Berlin and the need to flee from the city that Graener chose to base his last completed work on this particular German folk song from 1793 - Enjoy your life. This choice indicates an unbroken optimism that comes from Graener's unwaveringly positive attitude to life. The call to 'enjoy your life' is thus both a motto and an exhortation. Moreover, the final rondo is a symbol of the composer's gratitude to Wilhelm Zimmermann, who helped Graener financially.

    Paul Graener (1872 - 1944)

  • Wiener Sinfonie Op.110
    - Allegro moderato

    - Andante sostenuto
    - con moto

  • Die Flöte von Sanssouci op.88 (Andreas Knoop, flute)
    - Introduction and Sarabande
    - Gavotte
    - Air

    - Rigaudon

  • Turmwächterlied Op.107

  • Flötenkonzert Op.116 (Corneila Grohmann, flute)
    - Un poco allegro ma moderato
    - Andantino
    - Rondo 'Freut Euch des Lebens'

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