Ponce, Manuel M.

        Manuel M. Ponce

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PonceEAN: 7393338110224                     Performer:
        Rodolfo Ritter
        Orq. Sin. de San Luis Potosi
        Zaeth Ritter

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CDS 1102-2 Manuel M. Ponce (1882-1948), Ferial, Piano Concerto No.1 Romantico, Piano Concerto No.2 unfinished, Preludios encadenados, Cuatro danzas mexicanas

Here is the first Mexican romantic! We hope there will be more soon. Ponce was very romantic early in his career, which is obvious from the first piano concerto, which is very traditional romantic music, with its lush orchestral and pianist writing. Then he became more modern, and also more influenced by folk music. It is a truly fascinating blend which is obvious from the very first piece, with its very suggestive introduction. Then follows the very romantic first piano concerto, stormy with a dreamlike second movement. Then the more modern second piano concerto (unfinished) and finally some colourful piano pieces.

“It’s lush romantic themes and Lisztian fireworks bordering on pastiche are given a confident,
no-holds-barred performance by siblings Zaeth and Rodolfo Ritter.”
Gramophone Magazine, December 2014

    Manuel M. Ponce (1882-1948)
  • Ferial. Divertimento sinfonico

  • Piano Concerto No.1 Romantico
    - Allegro appassionato

    - Andantino amoroso - Allegretto - Allegro come prima
    - Allegro

  • Piano Concerto No.2 unfinished
    - Allegro non troppo

    - Largo

  • Preludios encadenados

  • Cuatro danzas mexicanas
    - I
    - II

    - III
    - IV

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