Sellergren, Lars: Sellergren plays, Vol. 3: Beethoven, Schumann, Liszt, Chopin & Debussy (2CD)

        Ludwig van Beethoven
        Robert Schumann
        Franz Liszt
        Frédéric Chopin
        Claude Debussy
graycoverEAN: 7393338166221                     Performer:
        Lars Sellergren

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CDA 1662-1663-2 Lars Sellergren, piano

The third installment in our collection of recordings by the pianist Lars Sellergren. The highlight of this CD set is certainly Sellergren's exciting rendering of Schumann's Symphonic Etudes, but its companions (Beethoven's 32 Variations, Liszt's B minor Sonata, four Chopin pieces and the first book of Debussy's 12 preludes) are hardly less impressive in Sellergren's hands. 

  • Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770-1827)
    - 32 Variations, C minor WoO.80

  • Schumann, Robert (1810-1856)
    - Symphonic Etudes Op.13

  • Liszt, Franz (1811-1886)
    - Sonata in B minor

  • Chopin, Fridrich (1810-1849)
    - Etude in C minor, Op.10:12, Revolutionary etude
    - Ballade in G minor, Op.23
    - Nocturne in F sharp major, Op.15,2
    - Polonaise in A flat major, Op.53

  • Debussy, Claude (1862-1918)
    - 12 Preludes, Premiere Livre
    - Reflets dans l'eau

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