Sellergren, Lars: Sellergren plays, Vol. 4: Mozart, Sonatas & Concertos (2CD)

        Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
sellergren4         Performer:
        Lars Sellergren

CDA 1666-1667-2 Lars Sellergren, piano: Mozart: Piano Sonatas (A minor, E minor, C minor); Fantasia in C minor, K. 475; Piano Concertos Nos. 19 in F major (with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Colin Davis & No. 20 (Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Carl Rune Larsson).

The fourth installment in our collection of recordings by the well-known Swedish pianist Lars Sellergren. From 1950 to 1967 he gave regular concerts including a very large number of radio and TV broadcasts. After a period in organisational work he returned to the concert platform in 1975 and continued to perform until 1999.

  • Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791)

  • Piano Sonata, A minor K.310
    - Allegro maestoso
    - Andante cantabile con espressione
    - Presto
  • Sonata for Piano and Violin, E minor K.30
    - Allegro
    - Tempo di menuetto
    (Manoug Parikian, violin)
  • Fantasia, C minor K.475
  • Piano Sonata, C minor K.457
    - Allegro
    - Adagio
    - Molto allegro
  • Piano Concerto No.19, F major K.459
    - Allegro
    - Allegretto
    - Allegro assai
    (Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra - Colin Davis)
  • Piano Concerto No.20, D minor K.466
    - Allegro
    - Romance
    - Rondi. Allegro assai
    (Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra - Carl Rune Larsson)

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