Siegenthaler, Stephan: Romantic Quintets for Clarinet and String Quartet

        Robert Fuchs
        Ferdinand Thieriot
SiegenthalerEAN: 7393338167426                     Performer:
        Stephan Siegenthaler
        Stamic Quartet Prague

        Back cover

CDA 1674-2 Siegenthaler, Stephan, clarinet; Stamic Quartet Prague: Fuchs - Quintet in E flat major, No.2 A major (op. 2-2), Thieriot - Quintet in E flat major

From 1989 to 1995 Stephan Siegenthaler held the position as solo clarinettist in the Biel symphony orchestra. After a successfully career in the medical industry he returned in 2008 to the professional music arena while appointed rector of the musical department in the Lucerne University. Stephan Siegenthaler will play as a soloist with the Prague Chamber Orchestra, the Berg Chamber Orchestra of Prague and the Capella Istropolitana in Bratislava.

  • Robert Fuchs (1847-1927)
    Quintet in E flat major
    - Allegro molto moderato
    - Allegro scherzando

    - Andante sostenuto
    - Allegretto grazioso

  • Ferdinand Thieriot (1838-1919)

    Quintet in E flat major
    - Allegro non tanto

    - Scherzo Allegro vivace
    - Andante

    - Allegro con fuoco

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