Siegenthaler, Stephan, clarinet: Kaminski - Chamber music with clarinet

        Heinrich Kaminski
KaminskiEAN: 7393338168126                     Performer:
        Stephan Siegenthaler
        Cora Irsen
        Peter Hörr
        Oliver Daebellay
        Guido Schiefen
        Kolja Lessing
        Anna Maria Pammer
        Ulrich Eichenauer
        Mark Gothoni

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CDA 1681-2 Stephan Siegenthaler, clarinet: Kaminski - Chamber music for clarinet

Heinrich Kaminski was well known, even famous during his lifetime, but today he appears to be nearly forgotten. However, it seems that slowly a rediscovery of this remarkable individualist is taking place. As from the early 1920s, Heinrich Kaminski's work started to be recognised in Germany where they were highly appreciated by many leading musicians. Famous conductors such as Bruno Walter, Wilhelm Fürtwengler and Fritz Busch supported Kamiski's work.
  • Heinrich Kaminski (1886-1946)
    Quartet op. 1B for piano, clarinet, viola and violoncello
    - Frisch

    - Ruthenisches Volkslied
    - Scherzo
    - Grave - Risoluto

    Quintet for clarinet for clarinet, horn, violin, viola and violoncello
    - ca.40
    - en Angelus

    - Allegro
    Drei geistliche Lieder for voice, violin and clarinet
    - O Menchenherz!

    - Wiegenlied
    - Geistlich' Taglied

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