B Tommy Andersson: The Garden of Delights

        B Tommy Andersson
Garden of DelightsEAN: 7393338300120                     Performer:
        Orchestra of NorrlandsOperan
        B Tommy Andersson

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CDM 3001-2 The Garden of Delights

The cover image, Garden of Delights by Hieronumus Bosch, located at the Prado museum has inspired B Tommy Andersson when composing this piece. No so much recreating the painting in music but to capture some of trhe stir and motion, contrasted with the passion and serenity, witch is to be found in this magnificent triptych.

Warriors is inspired by the legendary elite force of the Theban army called *The sacred band of Thebes*. A highly victorius unit that was finally defeated and killed but did not yield yet sourrounded in the battle of Chaeronea in 338 B.C.

    B Tommy Andersson (1964 - )

  • The Garden of Delights - intro

  • The Garden of Delights - mid

  • The Garden of Delights - ending

  • Warriors

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