Karin Rehnqvist – Live

        Karin Rehnqvist

Karin RehnqvistEAN: 7393338300229                     Performer:
        Adolf Fredrik Girls´ Choir
        Bo Johansson
        Swedish Radio SO
        Manfred Honeck
        Marie Axelsson, voice
        Johanna Bölja Hertzberg
        Remix ensemble
        Franck Ollu
        Nederlands kamerkoor
        Nieuw Ensemble
        Ed Spanjaard
        Olle Persson
        Per Johansson
        Christiano Gualco
        Paolo Andreoli
        Bo Håkansson, timpani
        Lotta Tejle, recitation
        Thérèse Brunnander
        Geoffery Cox, oboe
        Swedish Chamber Choir
        Simon Phipps
        Ulrika Bodén
        Geoff Landmans
        Jeanette Köhn
        Stockholm Cathedral Choir
        Gustaf Sjökvist´s Ch. Choir
        Royal Stockholm PhO
        Gustaf Sjökvist

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CDM 3002-2 Karin Rehnqvist – Live

A truly fascinating CD, in our Modern Series. Karin Rehnqvist is a remarkable composer much inspired from
musik from Norrland, with the special singing kalled “jojk”. Karin Rehnqvist selected the pieces that were
to go into this CD, herself. Particularely, the 4th track with its intruiging echo effects between soloist
and trumpet is truly thrilling.
“To the Angel with the fiery hands,” is equally fascinating, where the tonal spheres seems to balance on
eternity. Equally remarkable is the “Hymn” written for the Royal wedding between Crown Princess Victoria
and Daniel Westling.
Here are Karin Rehnqvists own words:
“This time I´am going to have to go all out. No dull middle registers.
For a wedding dynamism, courage and joy are the lodestars”.
No wonder this marriage has become a resounding success!

A truly great awardwinning recording!

    Karin Rehnqvist

  • Ljus av ljus (Light of Light)
    - bright, shimmering

    - dark, compelling
    - bright, intense

  • Vem ropar? (Who´s that calling)

  • Salve Regina - Heavenly Queen
  • Musik till den sovande (Music for a sleeper)
  • Till Ängeln (To the Angel)
  • Till Ängeln med de brinnande händerna (To the Angel with the fiery hands)

  • Rädda mig ur dyn (Rescue me from the mire)
  • Hymn

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