Lindblad, Adolf Fredrik: Symphony No. 2 (& Per August Ölander: Symphony in E flat major)

        Adolf Fredrik Lindblad
        Per August Ölander

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1005EAN: 7393338100522                     Performer:
        Mats Liljefors
        Gävle SO
        Västerås SO
        Harry Damgaard

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CDS 1005-2 Adolf Fredrik Lindblad: Symphony No. 2 in D major; Per August Ölander, Symphony in E flat major. Gävle Symphony Orchestra conducted by Mats Liljefors (Lindblad) & Västerås Symphony Orchestra conducted by Harry Damgaard (Ölander).

The Lindblad symphony is not unknown. The music, very inspired by Schumann, Mozart and contemporaries is one of few examples of Swedish symphonies during the middle of the 1900th Century. The very ending of the symphony with it sudden stop and ending is very unusual. Ölanders symphony is somewhat similar in style. He actually was a custom officer but also a very gifted early romantic, also with a truly great opera Blenda, where also the composer shows a remarkable gift for melody. Perhaps it may sound a bit strange but the most memorable in the whole disc is the trio part in the Ölander Scherzo. Here the composer is way before his time, perhaps this trio is forboding both Peterson-Berger and Alfvén. Please note that the recordings are done at very different times, you may have to adjust your volume control accordingly. A special mention must be made regarding the conductor Mats Liljefors, who unfortunately is spending most of his time abroad. A truly gifted, but shamefully neglected Swedish conductor.

    Adolf Fredrik Lindblad (1801-1878)
  • Symfoni nr.2 D major
    - Maestro - Allegro molto
    - Poco allegretto
    - Scherzo. Allegro molto

    - Finale. Allegro

    Per August Ölander (1824-1886)
  • Symphony E flat
    - Adagio - Allegro moderato
    - Andante
    - Scherzo. Presto

    - Allegro vivace

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