Lindberg, Oskar: Symphony in F major and other pieces

        Oskar Lindberg
cds-1015EAN: 7393338101529                     Performer:
        Örebro SO
        Stig Westerberg

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CDS 1015-2 Oskar Lindberg (1887-1955): Symphony in F major, Op. 16; Fiddler Per, He Fiddled, Op. 32; Three Impressions of Travel, Op. 20. Örebro Symphony Orchestra conducted by Stig Westerberg.

Oskar Lindberg. The symphony: again the composer is easily recognizable. The symphony starts with a real rush but the writing is partly more bold than usual, side theme close to Rachmaninov, a composer that is close to Lindbergs heart. The slow movement again is rich of woodwind ideas and we are again in the middle of the dark Swedish forests, surrounded by mystery. Again the last movement is filled with force and heat. Even Meyerbeer seems to be close in the brass idea! Particularly the last movement in the Travel Suite has a memorable theme idea, easy to remember. Again the affinity to Rachmaninov is obvious.

    Oskar Lindberg (1887-1955)
  • Symphony in F major, Op. 16
    - Allegro con brio

    - Andante - Presto - Andante
    - Allegro con fuoco

  • Fiddler Per, he fiddled, Op.32
    - Allegretto - Poco sostesuto
    - Allegertto - L'istesso temo
    - Poco sostenuto - Allegro energio
    - Andante - Largo - Allegro moderato

  • Three Impressions of Travel - Suite for Orchestra no.2, Op.20
    - Till bergena de stora
    - När natten faller på
    - Genom skogen

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