Söderman, August (& Jacopo Foroni, Franz Berwald, Ludvig Norman, Andreas Randel, Joseph Martin Kraus): Swedish Overtures

        Jacopo Foroni
        Franz Berwald
        Ludvig Norman
        Andreas Randel
        August Söderman
        Joseph Martin Kraus

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swedish_overturesEAN: 7393338100928                     Performer:
        St. Petersburg Hermitage
        Mats Liljefors
        Stig Westerberg

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CDS 1009-2 Ouverturer Å Kongl. Theatern. Jacopo Foroni (1825-1858) Overture No.3 in A major (c.1850); Franz Berwald (1796-1868) 'The Dressmaker' (1845) & 'I enter a Monastery' (1842); Ludwig Norman (1831-1885) Festive Overture (1882); Andreas Randel (1806-1864) 'The People from Värmland' (1846); August Söderman (1832-1876) 'The Devil's First Tentative Efforts' (1856); Joseph Martin Kraus (1756-1792) 'Proserpine' (1780)

The first ouverture is an additional to the original LP. But what a glorious piece Foroni wrote! Somehow the ouverture is reminiscent of the Swedish national anthem. Foroni came from Italy and spent most of his short life getting the Swedish opera house into gear.The Berward piece is meant for an operetta but it is a full blown orchestral piece in the best Berwald style. Even Norman (Schumannn style) is a portentious piece with the Swedish anthem looming. Kraus ending the CD is not exactly a romantic at all but the CD ends less with flying colours but more on an idyllic and Mozart-like tone...

"Sterling CDs have done an excellent job in producing this recording of less than popular overtures by Swedish Composers. I always hesitate to use the words less than popular because it can often have negative connotations. So let me state at the outset that these are all fine and well-crafted works that deserve to be better known." - MusicWeb

    Jacopo Foroni (1825-1858)
  • Overture No. 3

    Franz Berwald (1796-1868)
  • Modehandlerskan

    Ludwig Norman (1831-1885)
  • Festouverture

    Andreas Randel (1806-1864)
  • Värmlänningarna

    August Söderman (1832-1876)
  • Hin ondes lärospån

    Franz Berwald (1796-1868)
  • Jag går i kloster (Operette i 2 acter)

    Joseph Martin Kraus (1756-1792)
  • Proserpine

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