Staehle, Hugo: Symphony No. 1 (& Norbert Burgmüller: Symphony No. 1 )

        Norbert Burgmüller
        Hugo Staehle

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1046EAN: 7393338104629                     Performer:
        Marc Piollet
        Orch. Staatsth. Kassel

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CDS 1046-2 Norbert Burgmüller (1810-1836): Symphony No. 1 in C minor, Op. 2; Hugo Staehle (1826-1848): Symphony No. 1 in C minor. Orchester des Staatstheaters Kassel conducted by Marc Piollet.

Two composers from Kassel. Both died young - which was especially tragic in the case of Burgmüller, whose talented and interesting musical style (and fate) bring to mind Franz Schubert. Both symphonies are solid, well-formed works that resemble the late music of Schubert.
"Piollet has the measure of these works and his orchestra plays with real engagement - witness the scherzo of the Staehle in which bubbling urgency meets a carefully graded approach to loud and quiet." - MusicWeb

    Norbert Burgmüller (1810-1836)

  • Sinfonie No.1 C minor Op.2
    - Andante grave - Allegro moderato
    - Adagio
    - Allegro di molto (Schezo - Trio)

    - Finale: Allegro molto r con brio

    Hugo Staehle (1826-1848)

  • Sinfonie No.1 C minor
    - Largo - Presto
    - Adagio cantabile
    - Scherzo
    - Finale: Allegro con brio - Adagio

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