Maurice, Pierre: Orchestral works

        Pierre Maurice

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CDS 1053-2 Pierre Maurice (1868-1936): La nuit tous les chats sont gris (All Cats Look the Same in the Dark): overture to the comic opera Op. 35 (1924); Pêcheur d'Islande (Icelandic fisherman): musical impressions after Pierre Loti, Op.8 (1895); Francesca da Rimini: symphonic poem after Dante, Op.6 (1899); Daphne, prelude for orchestra, Op. 2 (c.1894-97) ms ed. Adriano; Perséphone : two movement suite for orchestra, Op.38 (1901); Fugue pour instruments à cordes (Fugue for string instruments), in B minor, Op.20 (1901). Moscow Symphony Orchestra conducted by Adriano..

Pierre Maurices music is refined in late romantic and sometimes impressionistic style. Many pieces on the disc give a lasting impression of an extremely gifted and dynamic personality with all knowledge in orchestral writing. Grieg seems to have been a source of inspiration in the 'Pécheur' and 'Francesca'.

"The Moscow Symphony Orchestra impress me more each time I hear them on disc and when blended together with the passion and expertise of their conductor Adriano they form a wonderful partnership. Maestro Adriano is clearly at one with this rare repertoire which he specialises in, adopting a consistently warm and lyrical approach that aptly suits Maurice’s gift for colour and lyrical expression. On the minus side the acoustics are not perfect as the rather warm sound quality noticeably blurs at the edges in the forte passages. [...] This release of expertly performed world premier recordings of Pierre Maurice is thoroughly enjoyable and well worth investigating." - MusicWeb

    Pierre Maurice (1868-1936)
  • La nuit tous les chats sont gris Op.35

  • Pêcheur d'Islande Op.8
    - Sur la mer d'Islande
    - Le cortège de noces
    - Propos d'amour
    - L'attente sur la falaise

  • Francesca da Rimini Op.6

  • Daphné Op.2 bis

  • Perséphone Op.38
    - 1. movement
    - 2. movement

  • Fugue pour instruments à cordes Op.20

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