Mielck, Ernst: Symphony in F minor; Concert Piece for Piano and Orchestra

        Ernst Mielck

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1035EAN: 7393338103523                     Performer:
        Liisa Pohjola
        Turku Phil. Orchestra
        Hannu Lintu

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CDS 1035-2 Ernst Mielck (1877-1899): Symphony in F minor, Op. 4; Concert Piece for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 9. Liisa Pohjola, piano; Turku Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Hannu Lintu.

A tragedy, when the Finnish Romantic Ernst Mielck died at the young age of 22, dreams unfullfilled. He was an extremely gifted pupil of Max Bruch. His symphony is a dark beautiful drama, with a third movement filled with an inward quality. The concert piece is based on folk musik from Finland, with many charming melodies.

    Ernst Mielck (1877-1899)
  • Symphony Op.4 F minor
    - Andante maestoso
    - Allegro non troppo

    - Allegro

  • Concert Piece for Piano and Orchestra Op.9 E minor
    - Allegro appassionato
    - Largo
    - Allegro vivace

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