Munktell, Helena: Orchestral works

        Helena Munktell
1066EAN: 7393338106623                     Performer:
        Gävle SO
        Tobias Ringborg

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CDS 1066-2 Helena Munktell (1852-1919): Bränningar (Breaking Waves) Symphonic Poem (c. early 1890s); Suite for Large Orchestra (c. early 1890s); Valborgsmessoeld Poem Op.24 (1922); Suite dalécarlienne/Dalsuite (Dala Suite) Op.22. Gävle Symphony Orchestra conducted by Tobias Ringborg.

Here is another pioneer. The great symphonic poem "Breaking waves" points toward impressionism. Much of her music is influenced by Swedish folk music - but sometimes very daring in harmony.

    Helena Munktell (1852-1919)

  • Bränningar - symfonisk bild op.19

  • Suite for stor orkester
    - Preludio, Moderato e maestoso
    - Menutto a l'antique

    - Andante molto lento e sostenuto
    - Finale. Allegro ben Moderato

  • Valborgsmessoeld, Poem Op.24

  • Suite Dalécarlienne
    - Preludium. Dimanche au village
    - Andante. Le lac de Siljan

    - Scherzo.Danses Rustiques
    - Finale. Sommarnatt...fortare går dansen

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