Bengtsson, Gustaf: Violin & Cello Concertos

        Gustaf Bengtsson
1063         Performer:
        Tobias Ringborg
        Mats Rondin
        Malmö Opera Orchestra

CDS 1063-2 Gustaf Bengtsson (1886-1965): Violin Concerto in B minor (1941); Cello Concerto in A minor (1932). Tobias Ringborg, violin; Mats Rondin, cello; Malmö Opera Orchestra conducted by Mats Rondin (Violin Concerto) and Tobias Ringborg (Cello Concerto).

There is one word for Bengtsson's music. Craftmanship. He is a Swedish Romantic allright -but his musik is more general in style than folkloristic. The soloists change place as conductors -they are both highly qualified to do so. You will love these concerts!

"This disc gives us a companionable pair of concertos that will appeal strongly to romantic nationalists everywhere" - MusicWeb

    Gustaf Bengtsson (1886-1965)

  • Violin Concerto in B minor
  • - Allegro moderato

  • - Andante con moto
  • - Rondo brilliante: Allegro moderato energico

  • Cello Concerto in A minor
    - Allegro ma non troppo
    - Andante cantabile, molto espressivo

    - Allegro moderato e marcato

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