Berg, Nathanael: Symphony No. 4 and other pieces

        Natanael Berg
1019EAN: 7393338101925                     Performer:
        Stockholm Phil. Orchestra
        Per Borin
        Jacob Moskovitz
        Swedish Radio SO
        Stig Westerberg
        Swedish Radio SO
        Göran W. Nilson

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CDS 1019-2 Nathanael Berg (1879-1957): Suite from 'Birgitta'; Piano Concerto in C sharp minor; Symphony No. 4, "Pezzo Sinfonico" Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra - Per Borin (Suite); Jacob Moskovitz, piano, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Stig Westerberg (Concerto); Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Göran W Nilson (Symphony).

Natanael Berg was actually a veterinarian. How many professions are there among composers? Rimskij-Korsakov was a sea officer, Alexander Borodin was a doctor. Modest Musorgskij was a forest inspector. Berwald was at one time director of a factory. It all had to do with supporting ones living. Bergs music is again an example of music which is on a verge of romantic music, this time the music is rather impressionistic in colors. The piano concerto, however, must be considered a full blown romantic concerto. The second movement leaves nothing to be desired. A beautiful, well crafted piece of romantic piano writing. The orchestral works are not far from Delius in style.

    Berg, Natanael (1879 - 1957)

  • Suite From 'Birgitta'
    - Birgittas Romfärd

    - Introduktion till fjärde bilden
    - Turkinnans dans

  • Piano Concerto In C# Minor
    - Andante - Allegro Energico
    - Andante, quasi lento

    - Andante con moto
    - Allegro

  • Symphony #4 "Pezzo Sinfonico"
    - Drömmeri
    - Älvalek
    - Romans
    - Livsyra

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