Raff, Joachim: Suite for Piano and Orchestra

        Joachim Raff

RaffEAN: 7393338108528                     Performer:
        Tra Nguyen
        Norrlandoperan SO
        Roland Kluttig

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CDS 1085-2 Joachim Raff (1822-1882): Suite for Piano and Orchestra, Op.200; Die Eifersüchtigen – Overture; König Alfred – Overture; Dornröschen – Vorspiel / Die Dornhecke; Samson – Vorspiel 3. akt.
Tra Nguyen, piano and The Symphony Orchestra of Norrlands Opera conducted by Roland Kluttig

By the time Joachim Raff began composing works for solo instruments and orchestra, he had been in Franz Liszt’s inner circle for several years as a full participant in the Weimar avant-garde. Having been intimately involved in the creation and orchestration of the earliest versions of at least two of Liszt’s three formally-named piano concerti, it is not surprising therefore, that Raff’s own first concerto followed, in a general sort of way, Liszt’s model of interconnected, thematically related movements.

    Joachim Raff (1822-1882)

  • Suite for pianoforte Op.200
    - Introduction and Fugue - Menuette

    - Gavotte and Musette
    - Cavatina
    - Finale

  • Die Eifersüchtigen – Overture

  • König Alfred – Overture

  • Dornröschen
    - Vorspiel
    - Die Dornhecke
  • Samson Vorspiel 3.act

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